In post-production – “Teach A Man To Fish”

Director/Writer: Grant Saunders, Commissioned by NITV, 83 minutes


Grant Saunders is an Aboriginal filmmaker, writer and musician. Despite a promising artistic career, he has secretly wanted to be a fisherman just like his father Ray, and grandfather Horry. On the eve of Ray’s retirement, Grant finally convinces him to pass on the family trade. This involves leaving his family in Newcastle through the working week to commute to his home country on the Manning River of Taree and pursue his dream to be a fisherman. It is an opportunity for him to spend time with his father to hopefully salvage a relationship he spoiled some time ago when he rebuked him for all his “ills” as a father. Grant is in his mid- 40’s, at a crossroads in his life, still grappling with his identity, the history of his Aboriginal family’s forced assimilation and subsequent “success” in white Australian society, as well as his ongoing management of drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. Through fishing in his traditional country, Grant hopes to reconcile the chasm between himself and his father, with his Aboriginal community, with his culture and with his country. There is infinitely more to this fishing trip than learning how to just catch fish. “Teach A Man to Fish” is a ‘warts-and-all’ autobiographical documentary with strong cinematic elements.