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Undermined (90 mins)

Australia’s vast and unspoiled Kimberley region is under threat, with mining, pastoralism and irrigated agriculture driving an unprecedented land grab. What will be left of over 200 remote Aboriginal communities?

Executive Producer: Tom Zubrycki (Director/Co-producer/writer Nick Wrathall, Co-producer/writer Stephanie King)

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Teach A Man To Fish (81 mins)


As a fair skinned, middle-aged, Aboriginal man, with a Norwegian wife and two kids, filmmaker Grant Saunders is still struggling with his identity. Concerned that he has been away from his home country for twenty years, Grant latches onto the opportunity to quit everything to go fishing with his father. (Writer/director Grant Leigh Saunders)

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Fair Game (53 mins)

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FAIR GAME portrays the life of controversial football player, Heritier Lumumba, whose journey to understand his black identity collides with an AFL confronting its own racial issues.  FAIR GAME uncovers the personal and professional life of an extraordinary Australian – a man who at the top of his game dares to hold a mirror to a nation that doesn’t like what it sees. (writer/director Jeff Daniels)

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Dogs of Democracy (58 mins)

Dogs of Democracy is an essay-style documentary by Mary Zournazi about the stray dogs of Athens and the people who take care of them. Shot in location in Athens, the film is about how Greece has become the ‘stray dogs of Europe’, and how the dogs have become a symbol of hope and dignity for the people and for anti-austerity movement. Headed by a famous stray dog nicknamed Loukanikos, the film looks at the virtues of justice, dignity and courage of the people and the dogs in the face of austerity measures and social unease. (Writer/director Mary Zournazi)

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The Panther Within (53 mins)

TPW - main still 1

Edoardo Crismani and his mother Barbara embark on a search to unravel the mystery surrounding her father Joe Murray.  Joe was an Aboriginal boxer and vaudevillian who was also known as ‘The Black Panther’ in the boxing ring.  He never revealed where he came from and the family feel that now is the time to find out. (Writer/director Edoardo Crismani, co-director Allan Collins)

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The Sunnyboy (92 mins)

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The film follows frontman Jeremy Oxley of the Australian band the Sunnyboys and his 30-year battle with schizophrenia. A meditation on a condition often stigmatised and misunderstood, The Sunnyboy buries below the surface of Jeremy’s public identity to explore his own reality. The film follows him as he tentatively unpicks his confused thoughts and feelings about the past with his brother Peter. From his struggle with the physical effects of years spent self-medicating to his hopeful contemplation of a married future and a daring return to the stage, The Sunnyboy is one man’s inspired story of survival and hope. (Director Kaye Harrison)

Mary & Mohammad (26 mins)

21 Mohammad Mary laugh shack

Mary is 7 years old and has been a Christian all her life. Tasmania’s first detention centre arrives in her rural municipality, on the outskirts of Hobart. Mary is a member of the local knitting club who decide to knit beanies for the asylum seekers. Mary is skeptical and declines but is curious enough to tag along when her knitting group deliver them to the detainees. She meets 26-year old Muslim Mohammad from Afghanistan and begins to question her own beliefs. (Director/co-producer Heather Kirkpatrick)

Light from the Shadows (26 mins)

Danny Eastwood key image

Danny Eastwood is an influential and groundbreaking Australian Indigenous artist who has been working in the Blacktown community in Sydney for over 30 years. At 68 years old he has retired 3 times – but unable to say no, Danny finds himself continuing at a tireless pace teaching art classes throughout his community with inmates, Elders and school kids. Light Into the Shadows gives us an intimate and informative insight into Danny, his politics and life. (Director John Harvey)

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Stolen (79 mins)

StolenFilmmakers Daniel Fallshaw and Violeta Ayala go to the Polisario governed refugee camps in the Algerian desert to make a film about the human price of the long lasting political conflict in the Western Sahara, and find a society where slavery still exists.

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The Intervention – Katherine NT (56 mins)

The InterventionA record of the first year of The Northern Territory Emergency Intervention and its impact on the town of Katherine and the surrounding communities.

The film features the lives of ordinary community residents as they experience The Intervention first hand, as well as the various government and business workers who all came together to implement it. How is life better for children and their parents in these remote communities, and what did The Intervention deliver? (Director Julie Nimmo)

Mad Morro (50 mins)

Mad MorroJames Morris has been behind bars for his entire adult life. In prison he has become a hardened survivor of the system. Now he is only weeks away from release and has chosen to go home and stay with his Mum Debbie in Taree. This is a powerful confronting story about familial love and bonding, and how the effect of prison can either reinforce or break apart that relationship.

Distributor: Ronin Films 

Wanja (25 mins)

WanjaA documentary about ‘the Block’ – an indigenous community in the heart of Sydney – told through the eyes of Auntie Barb and the life of Wanja her blue heeler dog, recently deceased. Wanja was an integral part of the community, known to all for her ability to sniff out the police – in uniform and undercover -“the Block’s guardian angel”.

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Short Stories (4 x 26 mins)

Short StoriesA documentary series about a group of short statured people who play basketball together in Sydney’s working class western suburbs. The series follows the life experiences of four memorable individuals as they try to have a baby, grow up in a split family, find a partner and grapple with tragedy. (Executive producer)

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A Fighting Chance (25/30 mins)

A Fighting ChanceThe story of 42-year-old Nermin Sabanovi, once a celebrity and champion in his former homeland of Bosnia who tries to make a comeback to the ring after a ten-year absence. However Nermin’s ageing body and the concerns of his wife and two daughters means the journey and obstacles ahead will be tougher than ever before.

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The Prodigal Son (27 mins)

The Prodigal SonTed’s father hasn’t spoken to him for 15 years. It is only after a serious illness, that he begins to speak to him again. “The Prodigal Son” is the moving story of a traditional Macedonian family’s ‘dilemma’ with having a gay son, now in his 40’s. Directed by Tony Radevski.

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Making Venus (70 mins)

Making VenusA revealing portrait of the “terrors and excitement of making a low-budget feature film, from fundraising to final test screenings”. Two young Sydney based wanna-be filmmakers start off making a modestly budgeted $100,000 feature and end-up in a million dollar blow out. Directed by Gary Doust.

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Gulpilil – One Red Blood (56 mins)

GulpililA portrait of the unique and famous Australian actor David Gulpilil. The film charts David’s career from his first role in Nicholas Roeg’s Walkabout , to Crocodile Dundee, Rabbit Proof Fence And The Tracker. The film also shows David at home in Ramingining in the Northern Territory. Directed by Darlene Johnson.

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Stolen Generations (52 mins)

Stolen GenerationsAn historical account based on personal testimony surveying the policy and practise of removal of ‘part-descent’ Aboriginal children from their parents. People interviewed include historians Henry Reynolds and Marsha Langton. Directed by Darlene Johnson.

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Exile in Sarajevo (91 mins)

Exhile in SarajevoA personal, highly emotive behind-the-scenes account of the Balkan war and its effects on the city of Sarajevo filmed over the concluding six month period of the fighting. Innovative in style the film is an adventure story, a; love story, a historical document and, above all, a tribute to Sarajevans. Directed by Tahir Cambis and Alma Sazbaz

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Whiteys Like Us (52 mins)

Whiteys Like UsAn observational account of what happens when 15 white Australian strangers undertake a course of 8 weekly meetings to discuss, argue and hopefully learn about Aboriginal reconciliation. What goes on in a bland high school class room represents a fascinating microcosm of how white Australians are dealing (or not dealing) with the country’s indigenous past and present. Directed by Rachel Landers.

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Dr. Jazz (55 mins)

A personal view of contemporary jazz in Sydney featuring live performances from Bernie McGann Trio, Mike Nock Quartet and Clarion Fracture Zone – all recorded at the Strawberry Hills Hotel in Surry Hills. The film is also a meditation about jazz, art, and filmmaking. Directed by David Perry.