Production Stills

Tom, Grant & Gaby Sydney Film Festival premiere 'Teach a man to fish' 2018
Janet, Zac and Tom 'Hope Road' 2004
Village in South Sudan
Filming 'Vietnam Symphony' 2005
Mobarek, Tom, Molly & Lyn 'Molly & Mobarek' Sydney Film Festival premiere 2003
Filming 'Molly & Mobarek' 2002
José Ramos-Horta and Tom 'The Diplomat' 2001
Crew 'The Diplomat' 2001
Emmy award 'Exile in Sarajeveo' 1996
Editing 'Billal' my last film on 16mm 1994
Filming 'Lord of the bush' 1989
Shooting my first film 'Waterloo' with Fabio Cavadini 1980
Shooting 'Waterloo'
Community Media bus at the Settpement Fair Redfern 1975