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Operations from the Bottom

In South Western Sydney, Alex – a young entrepreneur from Sierra Leone launches a start-up dance party venture from his bedroom with his close-knit group of friends. Their dream is to host the biggest dance parties in Western Sydney. Inspired by the idea and recognising the wide range of talent amongst his friends, they form OFTB – Operations from the Bottom.

After growing up on the streets and escaping the war in Sierra Leone where his father was killed, Alex, his brother Stanley and their group of loyal friends, don’t want to just survive anymore, they want to thrive. They want to show other young Africans that they too can build something great in Australia. This intimate documentary follows their journey as they break into the local dance party scene, through the highs and lows, and successes and failures. “Operations from the Bottom” takes audiences into the dramatic lives of this group.

Commissioned by THE GUARDIAN on-line. Written and directed by Gemma Quilty