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In South Western Sydney, Alex – a dynamic young entrepreneur from Sierra Leone launches a party business from his bedroom with his close-knit group of friends. Their dream is to host the biggest dance parties in Western Sydney. Inspired by the idea and recognizing the wide range of talent amongst his friends, he forms OFTB – Operations from the Bottom. After growing up on the streets and escaping the war in Sierra Leone where his father was killed, Alex, his brother Stanley and their group of loyal friends, don’t want to just survive anymore, they want to thrive. They want to leave a legacy and show other young African Australians that they too can build something great in Australia for the next generation. This intimate documentary follows their journey as they try to break into the entertainment scene, through the highs and lows and successes and failures. As they work, party and live together, we become immersed in their world in South Western Sydney. The film also follows their individual narratives as they juggle their commitments to family, high school, TAFE and trades. They are out to prove that they can do it; That they can go from the bottom to the top, and still be family at the end.

The female imprisonment rate has doubled in the last decade, and indigenous women account for almost the entire increase. Now a new programme, ‘Woman in Prison Advocacy Network’ (WIPAN) aims to turn these women away from addiction, crime and poverty with an intensive education and mentoring programme. The driving force behind WIPAN is Kat Armstrong, a former addict and inmate, now about to graduate as a solicitor. ‘Changing Lives’ will document her struggle to help these very vulnerable women take on her challenge to turn their lives around. It will be raw and confronting as the challenges are very real.


Alice Springs and surrounds is near the top of every national ranking of social disadvantage: indigenous incarceration rates, suicide and murder rates, domestic violence, alcohol usage, low life expectancy, renal disease, child abuse, poverty, low literacy and education levels. Enter a man with a vision for a healthier, racially united Alice Springs: Rob Clarke, founder and president of the Central Australia Redtails Football Club.  This intimate documentary journeys with the Redtails as they blaze their trail, making their mark locally, nationally and internationally. Set against social issues of the town, we become immersed in a world of football and the life-changing possibilities the Redtails provide to players and the community through the Right Tracks program. Right Tracks partners with local businesses and education providers, using AFL to develop participants socially, physically, mentally and emotionally through sport, then engages them in education, work ready programs and employment.